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Food Sustainability News & Links


Top stories from the week in food sustainability:

Farming the World: China’s Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis (Bloomberg)

No set menu to feed cities’ growing appetite (Reuters)

Has This Silicon Valley Startup Finally Nailed the Indoor Farming Model? (Fast Company)

Brexit and the coming food crisis: ‘If you can’t feed a country, you haven’t got a country’ (Guardian)

Global Food Waste: The Numbers Behind The Problem (InSinkErator™)

AgFunder is Building a Food and Agtech Ecosystem to Bring Funding to the Sector (Food Tank)

Coca-Cola’s new boss tries to move beyond its core product (Economist)

The Ag Tech Market Map: 100+ Startups Powering The Future Of Farming And Agribusiness (CB Insights)

VCs Hunt for a Food Delivery Business That’s Sustainable (Bloomberg)

Turns out the Svalbard seed vault is probably fine (Popular Science)

Work Requirements Drop Thousands in Georgia From Food Stamps (US News)

Innova Memphis Raises $31m Rural America Ag Innovation Fund (AgFunder News)

AgTech — Not Just for Large Farms? (Observer)

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